Monday, September 15, 2008

The World is Going To Hell In A Handbasket

Or so says my Mother. She is convinced we're going into a depression, and after this weekend, I might have to agree.

Wow, what a wild weekend. Thursday afternoon my sister called and said I'd better get gas before the price jumped to $5.00 a gallon. It was then at $3.79 for regular unleaded and I had half a tank, but I went to the station and filled up anyway. Boy, was I glad, because by Friday afternoon, regular unleaded was going for $5.25 a gallon and stations were quickly running out of it. Several stations here even had Sheriff's deputies on site to prevent price gouging and looting. Tempers were high and I was actually afraid for the first time since the economy started going downhill.

I hurried home and turned on the news to see the reason behind the spike in gas prices was Hurricane Ike bearing down on Houston. The offshore refineries had been shut down. All weekend I kept hearing reports that no one between my home and the town in which I work, 50 miles away, had gas to sell and wouldn't for at least two weeks.

I spent most of the weekend glued to the TV, watching for news of Ike and checking on relatives in Houston and Galveston and hoping that come Monday morning, things would be back to normal. Still no gas in town, but I have enough to get to work for the week.

Silk Scarf BroochTiger Brooch 1Faux Bamboo Brooch

I did manage to make a few things Saturday, including these brooches.

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Pips said...

Beautiful work! Hope the situation eases a little for you soon!